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Metairie, LA 70003

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This website is maintained and updated by the Imam.

Imam Yasir Usmani

Yasir Usmani is providing the community services in the following domains, to contribute his part by sharing his sound knowledge, expertise and experiences:

· Leading Daily pray and Juma Khutbah.

· Offering Family & youth counseling services.

· Providing Quran and Hadith studies, Seerah lessons, and other Islamic topics to increase knowledge for spiritual growth of community members.

· Participating in the community activities that further good interfaith and public relations for Islam and Muslims.

· Developing and implementing educational and extracurricular programs for the youth.

· Working with Board of Trustees on fundraising programs for the community as needed.

· Providing consultation to the JMA Board of Directors on religious matters, community issues, and Mosque activities as requested.


  • Public Speaker & Khateeb

Yasir Usmani has had a very strong command in Arabic Language and Quran. He started corporate training and public speaking, highlighting and fusing emphasis of Quran and Sunnah. He has been affiliated now with many Islamic organizations of USA. With the grace of Almighty Allah. Yasir Usmani is a designated khateeb at JMA. His khutbahs mostly comprise on the topics related to the Daily life of a Muslim. He is also a Hafiz e Quran

  • Family Counseling

For the welfare of the society Yasir Usmani wishes to play his part, in this regard he offers his services as a counselor for the families facing challenges in their relations and daily life.

  • Motivational Trainer.

In the fast growing world where everyone is facing challenges in their daily lives, studies, work life an in their relations, it happens that people lose their directions and start feeling bad about their situations and themselves.. In those situations we all often need a motivational force that can drive us again towards a successful life and attaining our goals.

Yasir Usmani, as a motivational and inspirational speaker driving that force in people since 2009. He started motivating people with his amazing Public Speaking Skills as a Corporate and Youth Motivational Speaker and still doing it through attending online sessions and seminars till date.

  • Youth Programs

Yasir Usmani arranges a gathering for the young guys in which they all participate and share their daily life challenges and take guidance for those challenges from Yasir Usmani.

Online Series:

  • Marriage Officiant

Yasir Usmani is certified under the provisions pf Louisiana Revised Statute 9:202 to perform marriage within the Parish of Jefferson.    

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