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New Muslim Resources

Entering into the fold of Islam can be an overwhelming experience for some people. We at the Jefferson Muslim Association understand this and would like to provide you with the most helpful ways to get yourself acquainted with the religion and to be able to discover it's wonders at your own pace.

Therefore, we have decided to include some helpful resources to support you on your new journey and be able to achieve the optimal connection with God that most of us are trying to achieve.

1. Parenting Resources 

Family Dawn


This is a wonderful website on Islamic Parenting. This is an initiative of Drs. Mohammed Reda and his wife Ekram Beshir who have been traveling the world for decades offering workshops on parenting, teen relations, and marital development skills. 

We were fortunate to host the "Positive Parenting Skills" workshop on Dec 14th, 2013



2. Dawah Resource 

The Truth about Islam & Muslims


This is the website of Sh. Yusha Evans that is a great resource for learning the fundamentals and importance of giving dawah and also "how to" give dawah. 

Sh. Yusha Evans was invited by the local MSA organizations to conduct an all day "Dawah Boot Camp" on December 22nd, 2013. 



3. Qalam Institute


 Founded by Sh. Abdul Nasir Jangda, this website is a portal to a vast treasure of podcasts revolving around Seerah (The Prophetic Biography) and other useful subjects. Qalam Institute also conducts many workshops and seminars especially one about public speaking coined "Stand & Deliver". 

They have also established an intensive 1 year seminary program based out of Dallas, TX. Check them out. 


4. Debt Free Muslims


Started on February of 2013, DebtFreeMuslims is a Qalam Institute project led by Brothers Omar Usman and Adam Taufique, under the scholarly supervision and consultation of Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda. This website's goal is to raise awareness about basic financial planning. They offer many tips,  financial counseling and education. This website will direct you to resources that will help you live within your means and help you figure out your options if you have fallen into financial troubles. They  also established a Podcast  just recently in Feb 2014. Please do subscribe.

5. Qur'an Explorer


This is a very good website for learning how to recite and listen to the Qur'an online. A person is able to select different reciters of their own choosing and also able to follow along with the arabic fonts as well as translations in different languages.

6. Dua (Supplications) Explorer


This website is a great resource for learning the supplications of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) for different occasions, There are different supplications which a person can supplicate with on different occasions. These are separate from what is recited in the obligatory prayers.

7. Salah Explorer


Beautiful resource for figuring out the direction of the Qiblah for praying as well as prayer timings.

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