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Special Needs Services

JMA is working with MUHSEN


Muslims Understanding and
Helping Special Education Needs.

To achieve silver certification and making Dar Al salam accessible for all Muslim brothers and sisters with special needs during all community gathering for salat, Ramadan and group activities.


MUHSEN was founded by our beloved old Imam Shaikh Omar Suliman with a mission of Awareness, Accommodations and Acceptance of special needs within the Muslim community.


In oreder to have a clear pictures of the needs of our community, we are including a needs assessment survey. Information in the survey will be used by MUHSEN and Louisiana Chapter to plan for better services for the community and will not be shared publicly. 


We are also in communication with MUHSEN team to start a Sunday class for Muslim children with special needs to learn their Deen, Quran and Arabic. A certified MUHSEN team members will train local volunteers  over the next few months on the use of MUHSEN developed curriculum and will provide it free of charge to our community children.


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